Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It's been an Amazing year since my last post lol....  So much to catch up on, so here goes!
First - The Cakes... Check them out!! I absolutely adore making these fun designs for many different occasions...

 First is the Beer Bottle cake.... Seriously... How cool is that :)  One Lucky Bachelor!!!!

Next is one of the hardest designs but super YUM cake... we did a coffee flavored filling that was TO DIE for!

This last year has been full of Change, Adventure and a lot of amazing moments!!
I'm conquering my bucket list one by one (Skydiving, DC, Ocean going affairs (lol), Vegas/Zip lining NYC, Air Boats etc)!!!
I couldn't have made it through with out some incredible people who stood by my side every step of the way...


My travels have been such a blessing... Check out the pictures below... Getting to drive from New York to Florida may not sound so fantastic to everyone but spending that time with my baby brother was one of the best trips of my life... He's one amazing human being, Giving, Kind, Loving and one of the truest MEN I know! Love you Ty :)
The Capitol after the Inauguration was a interesting experience... LOVE LOVE LOVE D.C.... One of the best!!!

Next is the Vegas Trip.. Love my girl :) Imagine Dragons was FANTASTIC!!!!

Moving Right along... FLORIDA!!!! A few pictures from the Seven (No really, 7) trips I took there from May 2012-March 2013 :)

 Stopped along the way in Houston, Mississippi and Alabama... Amazing times visiting Friends & Family!