Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SO... I know this is for my "Cakes" but I wanted to post some of our trip to NYC!!!

SO Excited he FINALLY got to the Airport in Syracuse to pick me up!!!

First Glimpse of NYC/Times Square!
Us on the Stairs in Times Square where the Ball Drops on New Years

SNIFF At the Airport saying BYE BYE.. BOOHOO :(

Remembrance Wall of Tiles for 9/11

First Glimpse down into the site of WTC ~ Amazing....
Ty standing at the Memorial ~ See the Statue of Liberty in the background.. OH YEAH!! ->
Where the film some of "Law & Order" ~ I LOVE Architecture so this was HUGE for me :)
I MADE IT!!!!!!! Central Park was MY FAV!!! *SIGH* HAVIN A BLAST~!!!!!

Rockafeller Center!
Brooklyn Tabernacle!!!
We went to Brooklyn!!! The SUBWAYS ROCKs!
Saw the Easter Play at Brooklyn Tab! It was BEAUTIFUL!
After the Comedy Club.. 2A.M. and were STILL Alive and Kickin!!!


  1. Isn't NYC like THE BEST EVER!!?!?! I LOVE IT!!! Wouldn't wanna live there but its AWESOME!!! My favorite is TIMES SQUARE!!! SOOOO FUN! AND SUBWAYS ARE SOOOOO COOOL!!! They were fun...You can like go ANYWHERE!!! Between Hawaii and NYC...NYC is waaaaaaaaaay better!!! LOL!

  2. Please tell Tyler Hi' from Naomi, Sammy, Jacob and Caleb Avendano!!! Good to see pics of him ~

  3. AMANDA!! WHAT'S UP!?? Thanks for the comment on Ella's photos. Hope all is well for you! Take care!